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Horseriding tours
in beautiful Transylvania

Our small sized riding facility offers horseback riding vacations and equestrian
tours for adult riders, usually groups of 2-6 people. All-included offers. Great
places to explore from the saddle of excellent horses.

Explore the natural
Transylvania from the saddle

We provide not only well- trained Hungarian warmbloods, but on our tours we also combine the great joy of riding with experiencing the breathtaking landscape and wildlife of Transylvania. All included packages.

Our Tours

We offer three simple, all included packages: one day ride, 3 days tour and a longer, one week tour. All included packages with accomodation and meals included. Custom tours on demand.

EquiTransylvania- one day riding tour in Transylvania
best for visitors

One day ride in Transylvania

  • One day offer
  • 3-5 hours in saddle
  • Cold lunch included
  • Excellent horses
  • Small groups
  • Tour guide in English, German, Hungarian

Whether you are traveling to Transylvania for business or for vacation: If you like to spend one day out riding, that’s the best way to do it.

We meet in the morning at our location in Kiskede, and ride out for approx. 5 hours.

Groups are welcome, but we also accept one person for this ride, so you can enjoy the unique landscape, the wildlife and the clean air, spiced with great canters. Also, you will explore a slice of the Transylvanian village life. In the saddle of our well-trained, sturdy horses, you spend a relaxed, extraordinary day.

95 / person

EquiTransylvania- riders on tour in Transylvania
one week tour, progressive ride

Legendary Transylvania

  • All included offer
  • 5 days of riding
  • 5 hours / day in saddle
  • 3 meals / day included
  • Great food, local tastes
  • 6 or 7* nights accommodation
  • Mixed tour: 2 days center based, 3 days progressive ride
  • Service car for your luggage
  • Groups of 2-5 people
  • Excellent horses
  • Tour guide in English, German, Hungarian
  • One rest day*
  • *On request + 90 € / person additional fee

Our mostly featured and demanded tour, this one-week horseback riding vacation offers you the genuine feeling of freedom living the life of a wayfarer.

First two days are center based, so we return to our location, the following three days we are travellers on horseback. During the week we do 150 km in saddle.

Usually we spend daily 4-6 hours on horseback, with a midday break and picnic lunch, riding around 30 km a day. You will spend the nights at selected partner guesthouses, the rider’s luggage is transported by service car to the next point.

During this vacation, you will spend total 4 nights in our partner guesthouse and 2 nights in a specially arranged yurt. Riding through endless meadows and on beautiful forest tracks.

1 250 / person

EquiTransylvania- riders enjoying the view in rural Transylvania
three days tour

Wild & Silence tour

  • All included offer
  • 3 days of riding
  • 4-5 hours / day in saddle
  • 3 meals /day included
  • Great food, local tastes
  • 4 nights accommodation included
  • Round tour, overnight in different places
  • Service car for your luggage
  • Groups of 2-5 people
  • Excellent horses
  • Tour guiding in English, German, Hungarian

Loved by most of our guests because of the excellent riding route through Transylvanian villages, forests and hills (Kiskede-Szencsed-Székelyvarság and back) and also maybe because it is not that exhausting. It’s just a wonderful possibility for riding, relaxing and slackening your pace.

This offer includes 3 days of riding, and comes with four nights of accommodation and full board. Round tour. Arrival the night before.

Our ride starts in Kiskede, a small and hidden transylvanian village, than riding through villages, forrest tracks and huge meadows, on the first day of riding we end up in Szencsed, a place near Hargita mountain, where only two inhabitants leave at the moment. Next day is a round trip in Székelyvarság, third day we return to our base in Kiskede.

650 / person

the founder and guide at EquiTransylvania: Lukacs Lehel

Meet the founder

Lukács Lehel,

Lukács Lehel the founder and head of EquiTransylvania – also your guide on the the riding tours – is a skilled rider and dedicated horseman. He spends most of his free time with his horses, in any weather condition at any time of the day.

Passionate about the high dressage quality of his horses, which is based on the traditional Hungarian military principles, on the academic art of riding method, and as well as on the principle of natural horsemanship, his personal idols are the Hungarian military riders of the early 1900’s.

Lehel loves and respects the Hungarian-speaking Transylvanian village, their traditional folklore and the regional way of life.

Approved guide by FER (Romanian Equestrian Federation), member of the Nemzeti Lovasakadémia (National Horse Academy – Hungary), he speaks Hungarian, Romanian, and English. Tour guiding in English or Hungarian.

Sharon BraceySharon Bracey
17:32 01 Aug 23
I would highly recommend a holiday with Equi Transylvania. My friend and I just spent a fun filled holiday riding through the beautiful Transylvanian countryside. The accommodation of a small village guesthouse and a beautifully presented yurt surrounded by hills and meadows was all super clean and comfortable. The food prepared throughout our stay was all home made and delicious.The 3 day riding experience was amazing - the horses were matched exactly to our skill levels and our guide Anna and Lehel were always on hand and considerate of our needs. The countryside is rolling hills, meadows and woodlands, with the horses being comfortable and kind in all the paces. Anna always checked to make sure we were happy with the pace and terrain. Being kept in a small herd grazing on large, varied meadows meant the horses live a very natural life and were all in excellent health and condition.Lehel, Anna and Melinda were all generous with their time and made our holiday experience an exceptional one. Riding happy and content horses with an experienced guide and support team allowed us to unplug and enjoy the natural beauty of Transylvania. It is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature. Thank you for a great holiday.
Gillian BaxterGillian Baxter
16:52 22 Jul 23
I’ve just returned from a completely brilliant horse-riding holiday with EquiTransylvania. Lovely willing, well cared for horses and nice quality tack. My horse Fenyves was fit, foot sure and a pleasure to ride. We had a great adventure riding through vast beautiful countryside and little villages. Our accommodation was comfortable in lovely surroundings (horses grazing outside our yurt!) and importantly, we had the most delicious meals made for us. Lehel, Anna and Melinda were outstanding hosts, going above and beyond and being good fun too. Amazing memories and photos and we’ll definitely return. Highly recommend!
alice mayersalice mayers
12:07 12 Jun 23
Fantastic, an absolutely incredible and memorable holiday, thank you so much Lehal!We, my daughter (aged 12) and I, are recently home from three days riding (plus a few extra days) with equitransylvania and we could not have had a better trip, it was so good I don't know where to start!The riding is wonderful; grassy hills perfect for all paces, wide paths and tracks and a few incredibly quiet roads - you may pass a few carts!The horses are superb - beautifully schooled, fun and forward going, perfectly matched to our abilities.The scenery is staggeringly beautiful; rolling hills covered in flowers, ancient woods and pretty little villages.The guides -both Anna and Lehal are wonderful, their english is brilliant and they are incredibly adaptable and considerate of their riders (and horses, of course!).We stayed in the traditional guesthouse and the yurt and loved both - simple, gorgeous and quiet - to us perfect, not luxurious maybe, but fabulous and unique.To top it of we were just looked after so well, not only by Anna and Lehal but also lovely Melinda who picked us up from the airport, cooked us gorgeous food, catering to our slightly odd dietary requests, and generally looked after us so well!)All in all, this was a totally brilliant holiday that I can not recommend highly enough, we were looked after so very well, we loved exploring and riding through Transylvania and very much hope to return. thank you everyone - the horses, the dogs and everyone at equitransylvania, you are unique and wonderful!!!
György FarkasGyörgy Farkas
10:49 28 Apr 22
tihamer bogatitihamer bogati
21:46 16 Jun 19
Bigkriszta 1Bigkriszta 1
18:16 12 Jul 18
Ádám SzimandlÁdám Szimandl
12:38 24 Apr 18
Kiskede is a miracle, calm and relaxing!

Meet our horses

Over the past few years we have been selecting the most suitable horses for the local climate and the specific terrain conditions.

Deciding was the personality and the character of each of them, but as fundamental principle, we like Hungarian-origin purebreds. These traditionally bred horses have proved their endurance, intelligence and excellence over the centuries.

All our horses are trained for equestrian tours and they are used to the Transylvanian terrain conditions. We train them on a regular basis in the arena, work with lunge or long line and also work in hand. They are healthy, strong and fit for all our trail rides. It is important for us, that our horses live as close to their natural habitat as possible. If you want to know more, please read our Animal welfare policy.

Sámson (2013)
Girán, gelding

and Bogáncs, two purebreed Gidrán gelding brothers, joined the EquiTransylvania team in early 2021. Sámson is a strong young hourse with charachter.

As a Gidrán, he is really persistant and strong horse, with excellent legs, and great move. Really confortable to ride. Born and raised in the Romanian state stud, with a strong individuality and a commanding attitude, he immediately took the lead in the stud. With balanced, persistent calm gallop under the saddle.

EquiTransylvania horses: Bogáncs
Bogáncs (2014)
Girán, gelding

brother of Sámson, a purebreed Gidrán gelding. Together with his brother, they joined the EquiTransylvania team in early 2021. A persistent, strong and really quick young horse.

With excellent, healthy legs, great move, and resistant on long run. Born and raised in the Romanian state stud, Bogáncs is a kind but impulsive horse. Great experience for advanced rider.

EquiTransylvania horses: Ficánka
Ficánka (2003)
Girán, mare

a really kind purebreed Gidrán mare, born and raised in the Romanian State stud. She is not actively taking part in our tours, but she has a very important mission in our team…:

…being responsable for the next generation. She is our base for our future Gidrán breeding. Joined our team in 2021.

EquiTransylvania horses: Buzgó
Buzgó (2012)
Kisbér halfbred, gelding

usually the guide’s horse, he is a young and intelligent Kisbéri half breed gelding. He is a really kind, relaxed and friendly horse with comfortable, big moves. With excellent pedigree, and famouses ascendants, Buzgó became a strong, really fast and well trained young horse.

As young aged, he needs some time to get relaxed with people he doesn’t know. Once relaxed, he is a trustful companion and a charming gentleman.

EquiTransylvania horses: Fenyves
Fenyves (2008)
Kisbér halfbred, mare

a Kisbéri half breed mare, is an extremely intelligent and kind horse. She is the sister of Főkötő. Coming from Hungary, from a “Golden Wreath” winner breeder, Fenyves is a mysterious pearl with nice, relaxed moves.

Good-natured and calm, at the same time fast, forward going and very sensitive on rider’s aids, she offers a great riding experience for any advanced rider.

EquiTransylvania horses: Főkötő
Főkötő (2009)
Kisbér halfbred, mare

being the sister of Fenyves, Főkötő is an energetic Kisbéri half breed mare. Sometimes she needs some time to trust her rider, but once she has bounded with “her human”, she is very comfortable and easy to ride.

Sensitive on rider’s aids, she is agile and forward going, which makes her a great horse for most advanced riders.

During the past few years, she took part at almost all of our tours, gaining lots of experience.

EquiTransylvania horses: Kála
Kála (2002)
Gidrán, mare

is the real lady of the team. She is a very kind, obedient (though sometimes a little “girly”) and sophisticated purebred Gidrán and a former show jumping horse.

With stable moves and sensitiveness on the bit, she offers a great ride for most skilled riders. With hundreds of kilometers of experience, she is a reliable partner for most riders.

EquiTransylvania horses: Kalifa
Kalifa (2002)
Shagya-Arabian, gelding

a skilful, intelligent and sensible purebred Shagya-Arabian gelding. He was born in Romanian National Stud.

Later, he was an endurance sport horse, also today he is fit , forward going and quick galloping, even over a long distance.

Brave, with lots of experience and hundreds of kilometers behind.

EquiTransylvania horses: Kobak
Kobak (2001)
Shagya-Arabian, gelding

a kind and relaxed purebred Shagya-Arabian gelding. A true old guy.

As a very experienced tour horse, he is extremely careful with his rider and offers a great riding experience . Still fit, forward going and quick galloping, he turns out to be a reliable friend and gentleman.

Starting season 2021, he is not any more coming on long tours, he is taking part only on shorter trails rides, at home he is teaching children and adults to ride.

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