Three days tour in Transylvania

Three days of riding in Transylvania

General info

Loved by most of our guests because of the excellent riding route through Transylvanian villages, forests and hills (Kiskede-Szencsed-Székelyvarság és vissza) and also maybe because it is not that exhausting.  It’s just a wonderful possibility for riding, relaxing and slackening your pace.

Usually, this offer comes with four nights of accommodation and full board. Arrival the night before.

Our ride starts in Kiskede, a small and hidden transylvanian village, than riding through villages, forrest tracks and huge meadows, on the first day of riding we end up in Szencsed, a place near Hargita mountain, where only two inhabitants leave at the moment. Next day is a round trip in Székelyvarság, third day we return to our base in Kiskede.

The riding

During this vacation, you will ride our well-trained, sturdy and forward going Hungarian purebred sport horses (Shagya-Arabs, Gidrans, Kisberi, and Lippizans). The horses have lots of staying power and are used to different types of terrain.

The horses are ridden in English tack. We have custom-made saddles, fitted individually for each horse, produced by a saddler manufacture. Three days of riding, 4-6 hours a day in the saddle is common for this vacation. 

The riding is a mix of paces to suit the actual terrain condition and is fast in places. This riding tour is only suitable for good intermediate to experienced riders who are confident in all paces. You must be able to handle a horse at speed in a group situation and be comfortable riding over rough terrain. Some natural obstacles also need to be negotiated. You also need to be healthy and physically fit.

Since our Hungarian horses are smaller than the average warmblood, the weight limit is 90 kg. For security reason, we recommend the wearing of hard helmets.

Other activities

In addition to the horse riding trips, you will meet local people, explore the Transylvanian gastronomy and parts of the regional culture. During these three days, we also have a rest at a local riding center, we stay in a special guesthouse and also in traditional yurt. Great food is waiting our guests.

Accommodation / Food

Our offer includes three days of riding, four nights accommodation and full board. Three meals a day, our main dish is dinner.

Accommodation in special guesthouse, in shared rooms of 4 persons per room with shared bathroom and toilet. During this riding tour we also spend 2 night in a yurt, equipped with beds. Toilet and shower outdoor.

Everyone’s baggage is transported by service car at arrival point each day.


During this riding tour, we spend total 4-6 hours in saddle/day, with several rests and a longer midday lunch break.

Please note that the following itinerary is our base line. Weather conditions, unpredictable natural or other obstacles can change our route. Also the order of villages we visit might vary.

We have the distances and riding times measured and scheduled. Based on the riders abilities, for your safety and comfort, the guide can decide to shorten or alter the initial route.

Arrival to Kiskedébe.

At our partner guesthouse, our gests are checking in, than we have together a meal, we get know each other, and also a small brief is taking place regarding the following days.

After a tasty breakfast, you are transferred to our horse riding base, where tacked up horses are awaiting.  Every rider gets the best suitable horse for the following three days. We spend some time here, usually, a short ride in the arena is also needed.


Preparations done, we head to our first destination: Szencsed. We ride through small nice villages, huge meadows and nice forest tracks.

The ride is a mix of walk, trot and occasionally canters. During the day, we spend approximately 4-5 hours total in saddle, riding around 30 km in total. Lunch break at a riding center, where we can enjoy a hot lunch, some local "brandy" and the horses can rest in safety as well.


We arrive to our destination late afternoon, where our host is waiting for us with great lunch, accommodation in yurt with beds, a lake, shower, sauna, and lots of kind animals.

On the second day spent riding, we ride to Székelyvarság. Leaving our accommodation, we ride on forest roads, among pine forests and mountains. In the afternoon we reach the lookout point of Székelyvarság, from where we can see the whole of Szeklerland.


We will have our lunch here, and then we will continue our ride to the Parliament of Varság ... We will return to Szencsed with a small round, where a heated sauna and a hot dinner are waiting.


We spend about five hours in the saddle, and on this day, due to the terrain, we go mostly stepping and sometimes trotting.

On our last day of riding, we ride nearly 40 km, much more dynamically than the previous day, with a lot of trotting and galloping.

Starting from Szencsed, riding on a huge plateau, we reach the Lookout for the Heart of Jesus, where we spend our first rest. Then, riding on, we touch Farkaslaka, where we also visit the memorial house of Áron Tamási.

We have lunch at the edge of a forest, then we return to Kiskede by riding through forests and hills.

In the evening we say goodbye to our guests with dinner and a little brandy.

Leaving home.