Our Horses REGI

Over the past few years we have been selecting the most suitable horses for the local climate and the specific terrain conditions.

Deciding was the personality and the character of each of them, but as fundamental principle, we like Hungarian-origin purebreds. These traditionally bred horses have proved their endurance, intelligence and excellence over the centuries.

All our horses are trained for equestrian tours and they are used to the Transylvanian terrain conditions. We train them on a regular basis in the arena, work with lunge or long line and also work in hand. They are healthy, strong and fit for all our trail rides.

It is important for us, that our horses live as close to their natural habitat as possible. If you want to know more, please read our Animal welfare policy.

Nemo (2011)

Némo, a purebred Lipizzan gelding, is a very kind and sensible young horse, extremely strong and resistant. Although he is very obedient and amiable, as young aged, he is most happy with a skilled rider.

Kobak (2001)

Kobak is a kind and relaxed purebred Shagya-Arabian gelding. As a very experienced tour horse, he is extremely careful with his rider and offers a great riding experience . Fit, forward going and quick galloping, he turns out to be a reliable friend and gentleman.

Kalifa (2002)

Kalifa, is a skilful, intelligent and sensible purebred Shagya-Arabian gelding. As a former endurance sport horse, he is extremely fit , forward going and quick galloping, even over a long distance. Usually, the guide’s horse.

Kála (2002)

Kála, is the real lady of the team. She is a very kind, obedient (though sometimes a little “girly”) and sophisticated purebred Gidrán and a former show jumping horse. With stable moves and sensitiveness on the bit, she offers a great ride for most skilled riders. And of course, she is as swift as the wind.

Buzgo (2012)

is a young and intelligent Kisbéri half breed gelding. He is a really kind, relaxed and friendly horse with comfortable, big moves. As young aged, he needs some time to get relaxed with people he doesn’t know. Once relaxed, he is a trustful companion and a charming gentleman.

Fenyves (2008)

a Kisbéri half breed mare, is an extremely intelligent and kind horse. She is the sister of Főkötő. Coming from Hungary, from a “Golden Wreath” winner breeder, Fenyves is a mysterious pearl with nice, relaxed moves. Good-natured and calm, at the same time fast, forward going and very sensitive on rider’s aids, she offers a great riding experience for any advanced rider.

Főkötő (2009)

being the sister of Fenyves, Főkötő is an energetic Kisbéri half breed mare. Sometimes she needs some time to trust her rider, but once she has bounded with “her human”, she is very comfortable and easy to ride. Sensitive on rider’s aids, she is agile and forward going, which makes her a great horse for most andvanced riders.

Matyi (2016)

a member of the “next generation”, Matyi (Mathias) is a Romanian sport horse colt, running freely around the meadow yet. From a former show jumping sport horse father and a Furioso North Star mare, Matyi became a smart, curious little boy with really nice moves. We can hardly wait to welcome him to our touring team!