One day ride in Transylvania

General info

Whether you are travelling to Transylvania for business or for vacation: If you like to spend one day out riding, that’s the best way to do it.
We meet in the morning at our location in Kiskede, and ride out for 3-5 hours.

Groups are welcome, but we also accept one person for this ride, so you can enjoy the unique landscape, the wildlife and the clean air, spiced with great canters. Also, you will explore a slice of the Transylvanian village life.
In the saddle of our well-trained, sturdy horses, you spend a relaxed, extraordinary day.

Settled in the center of the country, in historical Transylvania, you will have the chance to explore the breathtaking countryside, where most people still live like they did centuries ago.

The riding

During this vacation, you will ride our well-trained, sturdy and forward going Hungarian purebred sport horses (Shagya-Arabs, Gidrans, Kisberi, and Lippizans). The horses have lots of staying power and are used to different types of terrain.

The horses are ridden in English tack. We have custom-made saddles, fitted individually for each horse, produced by a saddler manufacture. Five days of riding, 4-6 hours a day in the saddle is common for this vacation. On day 5 we let the horses rest, and an excursion is organized for you.

The riding is a mix of paces to suit the actual terrain condition and is fast in places. This vacation is only suitable for good intermediate to experienced riders who are confident in all paces. You must be able to handle a horse at speed in a group situation and be comfortable riding over rough terrain. Some natural obstacles also need to be negotiated. You also need to be healthy and physically fit.

Since our Hungarian horses are smaller than the average warmblood, the weight limit is 90 kg. For security reason, we recommend the wearing of hard helmets.

Activities / Events

In addition to the horse riding trips, you will meet local people, explore the Transylvanian dances and parts of the regional culture. Also some traditional craftsmen will be visited on our tours.

After returning to our base in the late afternoon, you can go mountain biking or hiking: The surrounding hills offer plenty ways for individual adventures in the great outdoors. Excursions with traditional horse carts are also great fun. Wildlife and bear watching can also be organized. (If you are interested, please let us know in advance.)

On the rest day for the horses, we will dive into the history of Transylvania: A visit to the medieval town of Sighisoara, part of UNESCO World Heritage is organized.

Accommodation / Food

Usually, we do not provide accommodation for one day ride. But if you wish, can be organized, please mention at booking!
At midday, we have picnic lunch from saddle bag (included in price). For larger groups, we organize food delivery with service car. Food is usually a selection of fine, locally produced cold meals. Dinner is not included in our offer, but can be organized.
Vegetarians and vegans are welcomed, please inform us about your demand at reservation.


Please note that the following itinerary is our base line. Weather conditions, unpredictable natural or other obstacles can change our route. Also the order of villages we visit might vary.

We have the distances and riding times measured and scheduled. Based on the riders abilities, for your safety and comfort, the guide can decide to shorten or alter the initial route.

Option no.1: Preparations done, we leave our riding center and head to a nice forest rest place near the village of Székelyszentmihály (Mihaileni). We ride through Transylvanian villages, meadows and cart routes and also forest roads. The hills offer a fantastic view over the local area, the feeling of freedom and clean air is our fellow traveler. We often see rabbits running over the pastures, foxes escape from the rider’s noise, and groups of deer are watching us on our way.

The ride is a mix of walk, trot and occasionally canters. During the day, we spend approximately 4 hours in saddle, riding around 30 km total. Cold picnic at lunchtime from local food is served at the rest place.

Option no.2: Another option can be to head towards Kissolymos, another small village at the border of our regional county. After leaving our base in Kiskede, we ride throuh Nagykede.

Crossing several hills and a small patches of road, we find ourselves in a beautiful part of nature. A valley, where on the right you see fields, that are worked on like in the old days, on the left meadows and in front a nice portion of forest. That is where our trail leads to. This is a great option for a canter up the hill until we reach the forest. We will ride on beautiful routes through the forest, followed by some meadows. We reach Kissolymos, with a horse riding center just outside the village: our rest place for lunch.

After lunch, we ride back to Kiskede. Our trail leads through several meadows and horse cart routes, also a fishing lake is in our view. On the way home, we have great chances for several trots and canters.

On that day, we spend 4-5 hours in saddle, riding around 28 km total. Cold picnic at lunchtime from local food is served at the rest place.