Animal welfare

It is important for us, that our horses live as close to their natural habitat as possible. We have huge pastures, where they live in large groups, moving around freely, all over the year.

For their safety and comfort we built a covered shelter, closed on three sides, where they spend some of their time during real hot summer days and where they are fed in winter.

During spring, summer and autumn they are freely grazing fresh grass, in the winter time they get plenty of carefully prepared (sometimes even handcut) hay. In addition, they get fodder and supplementary food (like natural herb mixes), depending on their actual needs and physical effort.

They get fresh water from a well.

The horses get medical treatment on a regular basis or when needed, from the same vet. They get natural herb mixes on a regular base to improve their health and their immune system.

They get hoof care on a regular basis. Most of the year, our horses are kept barefoot, and our experience shows that this natural way of hoof care offers extraordinary healthy and tough feet. Horses can be ridden barefoot on almost any surface without any problems, summertime and winter as well. In special cases though (long trails, heavy-duty terrain, etc.), we use horseshoes on four legs.

We, at Equi Transylvania are trying to build a sustainable business by keep our environment clean and natural. We use local resources for the buildings, offer locally produced food, we hire local employees and ride our horses on pastures and meadows through the cart routs.