Mongol Derby 2019: we congratulate Homor Zsófi, in our own way

Zsófi did it! She was the first Hungarian rider to complete the Mongol Derby. And in case someone missed the details: 44 competitors, from 12 countries committed to ride 1,000 km in less than 10 days on the steppes of Mongolia, on back of semi-wild horses. Only 61% of the competitors finished this year, Zsófi took the distinguished ninth place!

Zsófi’s performance – both as rider and man – is greatly appreciated by us! To express our appreciation, we have invited her to join us for a horseback ride tour in Transylvania, so she can relax after all the “tiredness and excitement” of the Derby. The invitation is for a one-week horse riding tour (not on semi-wild, but with Kisbéri half breed and Shagya Arabian horses), and full board accommodation in guesthouses.

We are delighted to announce, that Zsófi accepted our invitation, and – originally – we were planning the tour for October, when interested riders also can join us. However, we had to postpone the date, because Zsófi is preparing for something, again … and she wouldn’t watch the TV-series on the couch … details we let her to share when time. 🙂

So, horseback riding tour in Transylvania with Zsófi Homor … somewhen. If you like to join us, get prepared physically and mentally, and follow us – so when the time has come, you know how to join us.

Zsófi promised that she will share her experiences and memories about the great derby, as well. 🙂

The exact time and details will be communicated in time here, on our blog and facebook page.

In the meantime, congratulations, Zsófi and best wishes for your next project! And we recommend Zsófi’s blog (in Hungarian) at this link.

The team at EquiTransylvania