About Us

Located in Kiskede, a small, well-hidden, Hungarian speaking Transylvanian village, our small sized family-run riding facility offers horseback riding vacations and equestrian tours for adult riders, usually groups of 2-6 people.

We provide not only well- trained Hungarian warmbloods, but on our tours we also combine the great joy of riding with experiencing the breathtaking landscape and wildlife of Transylvania, where the fragnant scents of the boundless fields merge with the clean air and the soft light radiating from the mountains.

We respect and adore the traditional Transylvanian village life and want to show you a slice of that.

After a day filled with adventure and great riding, a cosy bed and a delicious regional meal is waiting for you. The dark blue sky filled with countless stars and the soft call of the owls will gently lull you to sleep.

Lukács Lehel

the founder and head of Equi Transylvania – also your guide on the the riding tours – is a skilled rider and dedicated horseman. He spends most of his free time with his horses, in any weather condition at any time of the day.

Passionate about the high dressage quality of his horses, which is based on the academic art of riding as well as on the principle of natural horsemanship, his personal idols are the Hungarian military riders of the early 1900’s.

Lehel loves and respects the Hungarian-speaking Transylvanian village, their traditional folklore and the regional way of life.

He speaks Hungarian, Romanian, and English. Tour guiding in English or Hungarian.

Lukács Gabriella

wife of Lehel and mother of three lovely children had very little to do with horses before she met her husband. Now horses are part of the everyday family life and she considers it strange if people are not aware of the well-being of horses.

She is responsible for communicating with guests, for booking and all the organizational details of the tours. Tell her what you want – she will raise hell to make it possible!

She speaks Hungarian, Romanian, French and German.